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yachlts it's time to set your dvr. do it right now. and don't forget start your weekday morning with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ pleasure. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> the fact is he is going to lose on the international stage. russia is going to lose. >> but is that true? will president obama be able to defeat putin on the diplomatic battlefield? tonight, we'll have extensive analysis. >> many russians and putin on their behalf resent american assertions of exceptionism. they point to our own flawed history. >> now nbc's olympic coverage seems even more dubious. bob costas will be here. >> invading countries is something united states knows about from really raw experience. >> trotting out the moral equivalency. how can the u.s.a. central
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putin considering our own history? bernie goldberg on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how to handle putin. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. taking a page out of the hitler playbook. russian has invaded ukraine saying that russian nationals are in danger in that country. you may remember back in 1938 the nazi leader did the exact same thing in check evacuation i can't, sending in forces to, quote, protect germans who the furor said were at risk it was a reuse. there is no question that putin's invasion of the crimea is a clear international violation.
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putin is punishing ukraine for wanting to move into the european union because their economy is so bad. the tyrant opposes that the incident is a huge embarrassment to the obama administration which some believe to be soft on international danger. secretary of state kerry reacted this way to putin. he is not going to be able to gain by. this he may have troops some period of time in crimea unless he resolves. this the fact is he is going to lose on the international stage. he that may find himself with asset freezes russian business. american business may call back there may be a further tumble of the ruble. there is a huge price to pay. >> but the only way russia will lose is if president obama moves quickly to punish that nation. the way to do that is to move against russian banks. last september, senator richard blumenthal of connecticut urged president
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obama to slap sanctions on russian banks because they were propping up the assad regime in syria. the president did not do that and assad is still killing innocent people today. but now mr. obama to do it. because that's the only way putin will pull back. the u.s.a. has to power, has the power to crush the russian currency the ruble which is already in trouble. freezing russian assets and boycotting russian banks would badly damage the russian currency. that's the play. also, russia should immediately be suspended from the g 8 partisanship. partnership. that's the group that works together for economic benefit. tomorrow russia should be out unless they pull out you of ukraine. there are a number of other smaller things that can be deny. but, belief me, the bank deal would hurt putin deeply because the russian economy is awful. long past time to deal with this thug. he is a menace to the world, a killer who could not care less about international law
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or human rights. we can't fight them militarily but we can damage russia economically finally a couple of inintended consequences. number one, there will be no military budget cuts, president obama has to know that now. number two, the keystone pipeline must be approved. why? because rush ha is blackmailing europe over energy. supplies a third of oil and natural gas to the eu. the more oil and natural gas the u.s.a. and canada can produce and distribute, the weaker russia becomes on the world stage i fervently hope president obama understands that finally, there is barack obama's legacy. hear's a satirical picture posted on fox nation showing the contrasting styles of putin and obama. obviously the russian leader sees himself as macho man. the president sees himself as a renaissance man who wants to accommodate. but there is no
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accommodating putin. and if the u.s.a. looks weak on this one, believe me, we'll pay a heavy price. as will the president's historical reputation. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction joining us from boston fox news military analyst colonel david hunt and -- am i making mistakes here, mr. whiten? >> no, i don't think so. i would add a few other things to the list. you know, we can be specific with building -- helping central europe get free of russian energy. it's russian energy that's been used against ukraine but also against our allies and poland and czech
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the shutting off the bank you can't do tomorrow. >> you can start it gnome. talk about going to do it. >> he can't throw the switch to stop the banking it takes too much other cooperation. hungary, czechoslovakia and ukraine we have done nothing. i don't see us doing anything with this that will push this man out of the crime i can't. >> we can destroy the ruble, you two you mentioned did it internally. the president of the united states being able to flip a switch and stop western banking. you can't be able to do it
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all. >> britain would certainly follow us, england would certainly follow us and france i believe would follow us. germany, they are wishy, washy, but i think you can put pressure on them. that's the way to go. now, mr. whiton, you were involved with the georgia thing, all right? where in august 2008 only three months before president bush left office putin tried the same play, all right, in georgia. but the georgians shot at the russian troops there was excuse-maker there and eventually putin pulled out most of his troops there do you think that's what's going to happen in ukraine. >> i don't know. no one really know ifs russia is going to take the next step of invationd eastern ukraine. georgia, that's a problem that we keep looking at these things in isolation. it's a problem the bush administration did make before hillary and obama reset relations with russia. essentially condoleezza rice did it too. you get things like the invasion of georgia
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annexation of territory. going back to your earlier point, there are steps we can take right now. if we label certain russian banks as primary money laundering concerns, the treasury department tomorrow can start making putin feel economic pain. >> i know that to be true. now, colonel hunt, you sound a little dubbish here. you sound like almost a little rand paulish. stay out of it. let putin do what he wants. you are a tough macho man. you are more macho than putin, colonel. if you took your shirt off, you would shame him. i don't know if you have got a horse but we will rent one for you. >> i appreciate that. >> the shirt is probably not going to come off. thanks for the offer. the issue is what is reality. this is no spin zone. realistically what can we do? my issue is i don't think we have a dog in this fight. >> sure we he have a dog in it fight which the president says to putin don't do it and two days later he does it? you don't think that's a stick in the eye. >> he was moving naval
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infantry during the olympics. this was -- he has war gamed this. he understands we're not going to do anything. my point is, what we can do will not force putin to pull out of crimea. and, we have got nothing to say about him going to kiev. >> that might be right. if we destroy their currency, their currency is makey anyway. nobody wants rubles, nobody. i want to pay my staff in rubles, they all quit. they are not taking rubles. all right? they don't want it and you make it worse than it is now all their prices go up. that's how we squeeze iran to the table. exact same thing. >> because even doing iran took us years to get the cooperation to do what we finally worked in iran. >> now, the big boys are going to cooperate with us. if one of them doesn't, i would resign from nato. i'm going to give you the last word, mr. whiton. when you have personality like putin, and the one thing the colonel is right about, this is one okay bray
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that doesn't really care. doesn't care what the world thinks. doesn't think -- care what anybody anies. destabilize the economy so the russian people turn on him. that's the only way, right? >> that's right. you have to do real things. sending john kerry who in many ways still sounds like senator who thinks that rhetoric is an article product and putting him against putin doesn't work. real steps another one that you didn't mention but should be on our list is expelling russia from the world trade organization. g 8 aren't meant to be reform tors. you are supposed to behave well to get into them. when you don't, you should be thrown out. the reason we have a stake in it this, if we are not there lean toward russia. imperil our interest. >> not only that colonel hunt knows. this we have you on later this week, colonel. china is watching us. china wants to fear of influence take the japanese islands. they are watching to see what happens here. this is dangerous. next on the rundown, brit hume on president obama's
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personal stake in the ukraine invasion. bob costas on how nbc and he himself actually dealt with putin face to face. the factor is coming right back.
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hume zone tonight. personal stake in invasion. speaking today with prime minister benjamin netanyahu, president obama said this. >> over time, this will be a costly proposition for russia. and new is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their interests in a way that resorts to diplomacy as opposed to force. >> joining us now from boca rotan florida brit hume. i think this is a crossroads for the president right now, am i wrong? >> no, i don't think so, bill. i think you are right.
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it does remind one of the yet union's invasion of afghanistan and the profession of astonishment from them president jimmy carter. this president hasn't said he was astonished but he does seem to think that this was -- he didn't seem to fully see this coming the question now is whether he can rally other nations to his leadership as he seeks to do some of the things that you and your previous gests outlined. there isn't really a lot the president can do economically by itself diplomatically. but with the other nations on our side on, this russia could be kicked out of the g 8. it could even be kicked out of world trade organization. that would matter to russia. >> i can't imagine any nation not going along at this juncture. you know great britain will. >> oh, bill. oh, bill. >> waited, wait, wait. you know great britain will. france has been hardliners on this. germany, now, there you might have a problem merkel
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is in a very difficult position if she doesn't back obama up on this, go ahead. >> look, this isn't the era when the american president was the preeminent president in the world. those days have gone away. all the reason why a nation like germany depends in part dealing a lot of european nations do supplies flow to and from russia is going to be too aggressive here. >> russia needs their currency. russia needs the german money. it's back and forth this is a crucial matter is. remember how this started. this started because kiev
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and the ukrainians were about to make a move in the direction of western europe with an economic partnership. putin didn't want that. he ponied up with a big bailout package for ukraine to try to dissuade ukraine. when the ukrainian leadership went against that for putin. the people rebelled in the streets and that government was overthrown. >> right. that obviously along putin and he sent in the troops. will it be enough for him to have them in the crimea for a while in the belief that the government in kiev would shy away from making that alliance with western europe? it's not clear. >> all right. but what has to happen is that putin has to be punished in my opinion. he has to be punished. and you have got to attack him. and if the other members of nato aren't going to come along, we should pull out of nato. now, in the united states, people don't know, this but your gasoline prices are up 14 cents a gallon in two weeks. all right. and the stock market is
8:18 pm
wobbling. this is all going to come back to hurt every single american because turbulence in the world does that these days. i don't think americans are really locked. in everyone is going to get hurt because of this turbulence in the world and energy markets in particular is common during a crisis of this kind. when the crisis when and if the crisis passes. energy prices tend to subside. the same thing is true in the stock market. warren buffet was saying shows you that he thinks it's all going if this doesn't pass no, ma'am question about that. >> i am convinced that barack obama understands history and doesn't want to go down in it jimmy carter, are you convinced of that? >> no. i think president obama misunderstands the world. he proved as oscar goodman
8:19 pm
said to be a very slow lerner. >> brit hume, everyone. directly ahead. a factor exclusive. bob costas back from the olympics how he dealt with russians. controversial statement about putin bernie goldberg on whether the left will start blaming america for the ukrainian crisis. those stories after these those stories after these behind every centrum multivitamin are over one million hours of research. those stories after these inside are specific vitamins and minerals to help support your heart, brain and eyes. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. inuses are acting up and i've got this runny nose. i better take something. truth is, sudafed pe pressure and pain won't treat all of your symptoms. really? alka seltzer plus severe sinus fights your tough sinus symptoms plus your runny nose. oh what a relief it is
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nbc sports anchor bob costas. there was controversial over his comments about putin during the olympic coverage. >> just in the past year, putin brokered a deal to allow syria to avoid a u.s. military strike by giving up its chemical weapons. and help bring iran to the negotiating table over its nuclear intentions. and he has repeatedly showcased his confidence to
8:23 pm
take over the west particularly the united states. >> that was on february 6th. two weeks later, mr. costas said this. >> while in many significant ways russian stain citizens have better lives than soviet citizens of a generation ago, theirs is still a government which imprisons dissidents, hostile to gay rights, sponsors and supports a vicious regime in syria, and that's just a partial list. no amount of olympic glory can mask those relates. >> here now is bob costas. >> hey, bill. >> so you don't think the initial putin coverage to you, you get attacked on talk radio on some cable. >> only in certain precincts prove predict tabbably. >> everybody gets it if you are as big as you are. but you don't think that was fair? >> no. because it was entirely out of context. i was reluctant to come on. i come on out of respect to you. you have always been fair to me. i ran the risk of amplifying nonissue. this is a controversial only for those looking for the
8:24 pm
most flimsy pretext for a controversy and a kind of cut and paste thing that isn't even journalism. that was not a profile of putin. it was a set up to a conversation in which putin was would immediately be called autocrat and his desire to expand the former soviet empire, now the russian empire, his desire to make his nation more and more influential and consequential on the international stage, that was the whole thing. not an hour later. not after a commercial. contiguous to it. all right. so there was not -- there was nothing. >> why get involved with politics at all. you guys were over there to cover the games. why even boyer. >> in fact, on behalf of my colleagues at nbc and mark lazarus who runs nbc sports now. we did exactly what we said we were going to do. we would frame the back drop against which these issues, against which these olympics took place. each of the first two nights in the first minute, in a broad sense, i laid it out. then we brought on david rim nic, whether people thinks
8:25 pm
he leans left or not. is he an expert on russian politics. we talked about these being putin's games. the 1984 olympics weren't ronald reagan's games. they were peter. the 1996 olympics billy clinton's. the 2002 olympics were mitt romney's not george bush's. these were putin's games. as i said in the last piece which you showed but only a portion of, if in fact they were successful, which briefly before what's going on in ukraine they appeared to be on their way to being successful. it would burnish the image of a man in a regime whose him image does not deserve to burnished. >> let me back that up with a clip. what you are say suggest were critical of putin. >> repeatedly. >> each while discussing his influence on the games. roll the tape we have. >> i don't know of any american, david, no matter where they may fall on the political spectrum, who views vladimir putin as some sort of peace maker or a benign figure. >> okay. once you got that out, were
8:26 pm
there any retractions? anybody say look, we are sorry, we portrayed costas as a left wing guy or all of that. >> no. as a matter of fact, all of that and much much more is on nbc was immediately. so far as i know is still there. >> you got hosed by these guys. >> i am talking about repeatedly and straightforwardly either in questions to guests including tomas balk the head of the ic. talked about corruption as initem indim mick in russia including as part of these games. i talked about the jailing of dissidents. i talked it about their horrible human rights record. i said to bach are you comfortable having the olympic flame burning over vladimir putin's russia where they have such a horrible human rights record? >> what did he say? >> he said we don't want to get into politics, blah blah blah. and i asked him about two of the last four olympics being in problematic regimes like china and russia. i also talked about their
8:27 pm
alliances with syria and with iran. i talked to president obama about whether or not he can possibly work with this truculent character. obama had said he wanted to re-set the relationship with russia. >> it's clearly not working. >> no it's not working. even things to tweet the u.s. not allows u.s. couples to adopt russian orphans. vladimir putin is as most people here in this building believe, this is not a left, right, or center thing. vladimir putin is a former kgb operative. >> is he a villain. >> he is a villain. adversary, period. >> did you meet him. >> did i not meet him. we asked for an interview with him. he neither me, brian williams. he wouldn't do it. >> did they give you arrested ha time. >> no he they did not. >> you could do what you wanted. >> part of the time just circumstantially i was confined to my hotel because i had that eye problem. >> no one wanted to be near you. >> no one wanted to be near me including kremlin operatives didn't want to be near me. >> i thought you had lep
8:28 pm
seas. >> for a while. father damion over to ha heal you. i have got to hold you over again. i don't want to but i have got some more questions about how nbc and russia dealt with this thing and whether -- whether we should have the olympics there anyway. i will hold costas over. then goldberg who costas knows, actually dined with him. it's amazing. >> i have dined with you as well. >> no you haven't. >> really? i have proof. >> i picked -- i picked up the tab. all right. okay. there i blew my cover. so goldberg is going to talk about how the far left is going to spin the uk crisis. costas, goldberg and we will be right back. ♪ they lived
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now with all the trouble do you think the olympic committee made a mistake in going to russia in the first place? they could have gone to austria. >> i asked tomorrow mass bach the olympics should have as part of its charter minimum add heerns to basic human rights and maybe even require that it be held in democratic states. his arguments with a that by putting it in various places we push these states to be. >> positive directions. >> to be more civilized. >> i don't see evidence of that in beijing or in moscow. i have seen no evidence of that. >> when you were dealing with the chinese as opposed to the russians. who is more difficult to deal with in the chinese or the russians? >> again, my experience, just to be honest in russia was limited because of my own circumstances. the security was very, very
8:33 pm
tight. as it had to be. the olympics the ioc chose to put this, terrorism is always an issue ever since 72 in munich. they put it in a place where the terrorists are indigenous. ring of steel that extended out like 30 miles. other than having to go through the security where everyone was extremely plight. >> they didn't tell you we don't want you messing with this and that. >> did they have minders following you around. >> i don't know if my phone was tapped or room was bugged. i don't know that for sure. >> all the tweets were being monitored. and you couldn't shower, right? nobody could shower up or what? >> i think many people showered in the dark. >> why couldn't the showers work? what was that deal. >> no, in our hotel, the hotel that the embassy people were in. everything was fine. we were treated well. the people were friendly. there was no problem in that respect. but, what i tried to do, judiciously. because i think that some of these things are important. just as in '96 when china came in in the parade of
8:34 pm
nations, i said they have been readmitted to the olympics. if any nation can duplicate what the old eastern block and with sports machine they can. there have been charges of doping systematically. they could have gotten the 2000 games but for human rights violations. nobody on the right was upset by that it was relevant. they just liked it they weren't upset when i said in london that the ioc should have being a knowledged the 40 year anniversary of the moon nirk massacre. the right wasn't bothered by that because they liked it i wasn't politicizing the games. what i said was pertinent. what i said about putin during these games in russia was pertinent it was judicious. it didn't get in the way of the competition. and selecting this one thing out of context completely misstates. >> i said that night. i want you to react to this. i said that night i know you and you are not some raving lunatic leftist. >> no i'm not. >> you are a baseball guy. when you were a kid you were collecting baseball cards you weren't studying hubert hoover like i was. >> just because i have
8:35 pm
mickey mantle's. >> that was not rehearsed. >> hey, doesn't mean that i didn't know that herbert hoar. >> you are not smart enough to be idealogue. >> wind up idealogue and tell me how smart some of these clowns are. >> i said he is not idealogue. >> you are right about that. >> but if i were doing the narration i would have rewritten it. i would have not have said that about putin, last word? >> in retrospect, i wish that i had said what i said to realm mick five seconds later which is no one views him as a statesman but i knew that was going to happen contiguously. all we were trying to say is that he was influential and formidable figure. when "time" magazine named crews chef the man of the year in a 7. nobody thought -- was a communist. >> i did. >> man of year in '83. no one thought they were equally admirable characters that was the sole purpose of this. it's all on nbc
8:36 pm
by the way, this is going to be the last word. >> last one. >> john mccain, who like most americans i respect and admire and with whom i have had a very cordial relationship. john mccain was improperly briefed about what i had said. he has rightly worked up over what is going on in syria and what's about to happen in ukraine. he said some things about me that were ill-considered. i called his office to set the record straight. when he called me back, other than hello, before i could say one word other than hello, he said, bob, i apologize. i have seen what you said in full context. >> he is like that. >> he then tweeted a link to some of the things i have said, increased my respect for him. i am not holding my breath, despite the fact that there is a mountain tab of evidence like this just to nbc i'm not holding my breath waiting for some others to say, you know what? we got this one not a little wrong, we got it completely wrong. >> all right. bob costas, everybody. there he is when we come right back, goldberg on how the left is going to spin ukraine and juan and mary katharine on what they would
8:37 pm
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to get the job done. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. didn't take lock for the left wing to weigh in on the ukraine crisis. >> what leverage do we have?
8:41 pm
>> economic leverage, diplomatic leverage, but i don't think in any way the united states or europe has any interest in making this military. the united states also does not have the leverage it wants in historical terms, invading countries is something the united states knows about from really raw experience. >> what a bunch of crap. joining us now from miami the purveyor of bernard bernard goldberg. this drives me crazy. he is the guy costas was referring to remnick. russian expert he has been there many times. he has been a very very avowed left winger who makes the moral equivalency that the united states has invaded some country dries to wit putin is doing when it isn't even close. and you say? >> before i get agreeing with you, let me just say what rim nic is saying, i think, is that the united states is going to have going too lose some leverage
8:42 pm
with putin and lose the ability to lecture him about ininvestigating other countries because we have also invaded other countries putin remnick said, putin uses this on a daily basis on government controlled television to build himself up at the expense of the united states here is where i stop you there. >> here is where i do agree with. >> you i don't want to you agree with me yet. >> what remnick should do if he is a honest man and he is not. look, this putin is such a liar that he makes the equivalent of the united states deposing saddam to him going into crimea for no reason at all, none l rlt in democratic country no, reason for the russians to be there you don't make the equivalency there and give it any validity. yet remnick gives it validity on "the today show." that's what tees me off.
8:43 pm
go. >> right. so what remnick should have said is that when we invade a country it's to free people and not build an american empire. >> that's right. >> when putin invades a country, it is never to free people and it may well be to build a new russian empire. i think what remnick was saying not that we should not criticize putin but that it becomes harder because putin will just laugh it off because of our own history. >> it becomes hard with her a guy like remnick puts that out without any context. if he said what you said i wouldn't have my problem with it? >> exactly. >> let me give you one example. john kerry, secretary of state john kerry yesterday on face the nation said that russia can't invade a country. it's totally wrong for them to invade a country on trumped up pretext it. his words, on trumped up
8:44 pm
pretext. you know that putin is saying, and i think this was rennick's point. trumped up pretext that's what you guys do. i think what remnick was really doing in the real world of geo politics if it becomes to deal with putin. he was never saying putin is a good guy not here and not in sochi did he say that what he is saying it's harder to deal with him if putin is claiming you don't have clean hands either. >> okay. but i'm telling you and i know this to be a fact because i know the man's background and i know where he works. he believes the united states is a flawed country. all right? he doesn't see that big a difference between us and putin like you and i do. all right? he doesn't this is what you will see more and more on the left and libertarian precincts too. we can't do anything because we have done our own x, y
8:45 pm
and z. that just steams me. it's insult to the military it makes me angry. last word. >> it should, but i have trouble believing and i don't know david remnick. i have trouble believing that david remnikk it's laughable is no better than putin's russia. >> you read what he is has written and you get a definite anti-american theme from it. there is no doubt. bernie, thank you. here are results to the bill o' poll question. we asked you off everything that happened last week about the kids, are they better off today or 50 years ago? 88% say auto years ago. just 12% say the opposite. about 16,000 of you voted and we thank you all. juan and mary katharine on deck. what would they personally do to putin. factor tip of the day. pithy comments about the academy awards last [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah.
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back of the book segment tonight, how tough does barack obama need to be in the ukraine deal? joining us from los angeles, mary katharineham from washington juan williams both fox news analyst. first of all, juan, what would you do to putin if you were president, god help us. what would you do? >> well, right off the bat, the first thing i would do is i would freeze all the assets of russians have in international banks. i would make it painful for the ruling class in russia and secondly, i might ban travel for all russians who want to come to the united states, get out. and third, bill, i think i would right off othe bat say that we have money. and we can get together some funds from the international community that would help the ukrainian government as it stands now. give them an alternative economic package and help for their military. >> before -- we already
8:50 pm
pledged them money. get them loans and of course they won't pay them back. you can't freeze them in international banks you can freeze them in united states banks. you could put the arm on travel. you could banks, you could put the arm on travel. you could limit travel, i don't think i would do that right away, i could limit their currency. >> but if you make it difficult right away -- >> there will be economic chaos over there, how about you, mary katherine, what would you do? >> well, in the nirs place, if i were president, which i don't believe i would be, but -- >> you have to deal with reality. >> we're talking about a fantasy where i'm the president. that is one thing i would do. the second thing i would do if i was in the situation, dug myself a hole as the president has by
8:51 pm
not being credible on these things. your best bet will push europe on the g8. and push germany on that, and economic pressures, those are pressures that can be brought to bear. the problem is, realistically, do i believe that barack obama will lead on those fronts? do you guys think so? >> he has to. h he has to do something, because if he doesn't he is going to be damned as the same category as jimmy carter, james buchanan, he will be put in the category that history thinks he caused too much trouble. but look, mary katherine raised a question about past weakness. a commentator today said, that once the president said to syria you crossed the red line and you're going to get whacked, and
8:52 pm
then when they crossed them, that was it. then the putins, and the chinese, and the mullahs, we can do what we can, do you think that is fair, juan? >> yes, i think the united states, the congress didn't want barack obama fire the missiles at syria and barack obama didn't have the strength to do it unilaterally on his own and take the heat from the domestic and international groups. there are questions now where they say the united states is so war-weary, they will not act, but let me just say -- >> president putin is counting on it. whenever you fight a war as a historian, i know this. you look for the weakness of your opponent, he is not going to be able to reason. >> that is the art of war. >> wait, wait, wait, you can react to what i say, but i want mary katherine to react first,
8:53 pm
germany, i'm not so sure. merkel is in a very tight spot. but the weakness of russia, their economy, the weakness is the ruble, and the united states can lay a heavy, heavy low, mary katherine, and that is where i go, and go quickly. >> yeah, i think that is true, there are many options between the boots on the ground, and barack obama framing it as a false choice. frankly if you took your talking points you could plug it in for cohesive existence. there is skepticism to bring other countries along, who think it would hurt them to do so. >> what i think we have to do is build an international alliance to go after the assets, freeze the assets, you can do it after american banks, we need to
8:54 pm
isolate and de-stabilize putin. don't forget that george bush had much the same response when putin went into georgia, and you guys -- >> he only had three months in office. >> the point of toughness is to be tough, and missing -- >> we have a live shocks if i don't go, the computer blows us up. factor tip of the day i have a ♪ [ male announcer ] she won't remember this, being carried in your arms. but after a day spent in the caribbean exploring mayan ruins and playing pirates with you in secret coves, she won't exactly be short on memories. princess cruises. come back new. [ female announcer ] plan your seven-day cruise from just $549. call your travel agent or 1-800-princess.
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this might amuse you, here
8:57 pm
are some of the covers of the foreign edition of "killing kennedy." china, next one is japan. and brazil, there he is. where they speak portuguese, not spanish, hit all around the world. now, sam harvey, california, why am i not surprised that two out of three african-americans who appear on the factor want to look outside the black community for problem-solving rather than from within. and maryland, bill if you ask if kids are better off today in discussing hip-hop, i think the answer is obvious. compare hip-hop to the temptations and the supremes, it is good, but the inner city industry is not. and bill, the real problem is lack of supervision in the home. we know that, rick, we know that, rick, once again, bad parents are legion, we know
8:58 pm
that, to say that is the problem is obvious. there is now a deep couple tough of cynicism in some kids, that needs to be addressed because parents will not do it. and bill, thank you for exposing the evil our kids are exposed to. well, you're welcome, wish i could do more. and mr. o, even saying that geraldo's beard makes him look like a cartel member is racist, you know what? i'll live with it. and now i have $3200 coming to me. excellent, ron, please make sure you give some of that money to charity. it is karma, and when will you and miller come to this state? i hear miller is in the gym, no problem, take on the lefties in missoula. and last night there were three excellent examples of movie
8:59 pm
stars who present a good image. first up? sandra bullock, always dignified. and amy adams, and jennifer lawrence looks the way movie stars used to look, are supposed to look. you're a movie star, congratulations, ladies, you really classed up the event last night, factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. check out the factor website which is different from billo' also we hope you spout off frto the factor from anywhere in the world, word of the day, do not be a nebbish when writing to the factor, and word of the day,
9:00 pm
signed notes. and thank you for watching us tonight, ms. megyn is next, i'm bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin s

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